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The key distinction between the sexes? Attitudes to sex

The key distinction between the sexes? Attitudes to sex

Single or married, right or homosexual, males want more intercourse than ladies, writes Tom Whipple

How come women and men approach sex differently. There clearly was, it’s argued, a ludicrously easy description: females have a baby, guys don’t. Phyotograph: Getty Graphics

One springtime time during 2009, a young Danish girl called Laerke Bjerager spotted a guy she fancied, stepped as much as him for a busy Copenhagen street that is shopping asked him for intercourse. He stated yes. Then she went and offered another guy the exact same, and another, and another.

Many stated yes. The ones that didn’t generally had girlfriends. “They had been apologetic, they didn’t wish to harm your feelings,” she says. The feeling ended up being, she states, a confidence that is“very efficient.

Somewhere else in Denmark, a new man called Kaare Bro Wellnitz ended up being asking the exact same concern to ladies but getting the reverse experience. Their self- self- self- confidence, in reality, ended up being using a bit of a bashing. Because of the finish of their first time he had had “no genuine yeses”. There was clearly one girl who stated yes, but she had been laughing – plus it ended up being more a “yeah, sure” in place of a “yes, please”.

In the event that women had said yes then, a matter of seconds later on, they’d have learnt the offer had been a sham.

These Danish students were saying a test on sex differences in casual sex that is a vintage when you look at the industry. It’s such a vintage that the line they utilized: “I’ve noticed you around, We find you really appealing, can you retire for the night beside me?” caused it to be as a 1998 hit pop track. Sigue leyendo The key distinction between the sexes? Attitudes to sex