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‘Love Actually:’ Shannon Elizabeth in addition to hot girls

‘Love Actually:’ Shannon Elizabeth in addition to hot girls

Love Really

10 years ago, Love really hit theaters, in accordance with it arrived an endlessly re-watchable christmastime assortment of love tales which are actually, well, all over. The film explored 10 split vignettes — some heartwarming and hilarious, some tragic and that is heartbreaking saw its figures “get the sh–” kicked away from them by love. To commemorate the film’s legacy, we reached off to the film’s cast to speak about their storylines, and for the other countries in the week, we’ll be sharing a number of their takes that are behind-the-scenes.

First-time manager Richard Curtis actually knew exactly exactly just what he had been doing as he assembled the comedy that is romantic prefer really ten years ago: cast the absolute most charming present and increasing Uk stars, let them have enjoyable tales to sink their teeth into and allow the digital digital cameras roll. Oh, and hot girls. Cast girls that are hot. But first, make certain they’re going to be big actresses later on within their professions.

Yes, those ridiculous girls that are american just within the last few mins for the movie, their scenes only served to glorify Colin’s (Kris Marshall) journey on “Shag Highway, headed west,” and not one of them could make up when it comes to proven fact that Laura Linney takes that call. However the actresses that are little-known played them did grow to be January Jones, Elisha Cuthbert, Denise Richards, and Shannon Elizabeth. All four spun professions from their brief moments in appreciate really.

a decade later on, EW chatted with Shannon Elizabeth — who had been wanting to remind us that she had been just really in this film for approximately 20 seconds — to know more about the women’ stints on set and just just what “the hot girls” are so far. (Mad guys, anybody?)

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